TISHREI - Renewing peeling mask

General description:

A mixture of aromatic oils of various plants based on butter and grains of the jojoba plant.

Peeling - mask is used:

- for skin whitening (especially facial skin, as well as the entire body)

- to remove hyperpigmentation spots,

- to accelerate the regeneration of skin cells,

- to slow the appearance of wrinkles,

- to nourish facial skin.


- nourishes skin, leaving no traces of oil,

- enriches skin with proteins and vitamins.

Active ingredients:

olive oil, jojoba oil, jojoba seeds, immortelle oil, oregano oil, marjoram oil, fennel oil, oil of wheat, myrtle and chamomile.


Before use, mix the content in a jar - oil and seeds - until a homogeneous mass. Apply a thin layer on surface of skin. Massage exercise very carefully and gently for 2 minutes. Then leave for 10 minutes on face in the form of a mask. After that, the remaining dry grains must be removed with clean, dry hands. Do not flush with water or other means as the process of vitamins absorbing continues after removal of the grains.

It is recommended for entire face once every 3 weeks, on special places – it is possible once every three days. To remove pigmentation spots (not older than 3 months), apply regularly for one month. It is good to combine with oil for skin restoring (Oil of Immortal). To prevent skin aging, apply every three weeks. After the procedure, do not go out into the open sun for an hour, it is best to apply peeling mask in the evening.


Not suitable for oily and inflamed skin.

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