TANUKH - Oil when problems of ear inflammation

General description:

oil for treatment and prevention of ear inflammation and ear fungus. A gentle mixture is especially suitable for earaches of children.


- is applied against a wide range of bacteria and fungi,- quickly affects the problem,- has a slight heating effect.

Active ingredients:

olive oil, essential oils of basil, cloves, garlic, oregano, reichan, tea tree.


one drop in an ear for adu and a cotton swab with oil for baby, massage in ear area every 3 hours on the first day and 3 times a day the next day.


Do not use for children under 18 months in an ear, except for massage around the ear.

Do not drip into ear in case of an internal wound or pus inside the ear.If no improvement after 48 hours of use of the product is observed, it is necessary to stop using it and turn to other methods of treatment.


When infectious inflammation of ear, it is recommended to use the product as a preventive treatment for the whole family.

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