ZOHAR - Anti-aging cream for normal and combination skin


Cream-emulsion, combining a composition of active plant extracts, proteins and minerals of the Dead Sea for intensive care of aging skin prone to fat content in selected areas. Thanks to essential oils, the cream deeply penetrates epidermal cells, normalizes functioning of sebaceous glands, it increases protective functions of skin against the effects of free radicals. Vegetable proteins and minerals of the Dead Sea intensively nourish and moisturize skin, increasing its elasticity and firmness.

Active ingredients:

jojoba oil, wheat germ, geranium, myrtle, sesame, immortelle, elecampane, lavender, fennel, lemon sorghum, citron (etrog) and grapefruit, Shi oil, extract of olive leaves, citrus peel, betacarotene, extract of wormwood and apple, organic alcohol, water and minerals (magnesium) of the Dead Sea.


can be applied without restrictions on the whole face, including eye area (it is advisable not to apply under eyes in the first week of use). It is recommended to use the cream at least once a day - in the evening.


for care of damaged skin (scars from acne, etc.) it is recommended to combine using (once a week) Oils for skin regeneration - Bessmertnik Oils.

For complex facial care, use every morning Tonic for morning cleansing and a solution for skin disinfecting in the evening before applying the cream.

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