TOVA - A composition of aromatic oils restoring fabrics based on Immortelle Oil

Active ingredients:

Helichrysum italicum (immortelle), myrtle, lavender in olive oil; plant wax.


Outer: when burns, open wounds, scars, facial and genital herpes, apply to the problem area every three hours in the first hours after injury; in the following days it is desirable to carry out the procedures 1-2 times a day.

When gum disease: gum massage in the evening before bedtime. Reducing of sensitivity and discoloration of gums can be seen within the first hour after the massage. Improvements come after a few days of product usage.

Cracks in hemorrhoids: use together with ointment against hemorrhoids. Apply a few drops of Oils to thin wick of cotton wool and grease the necessary place. Apply the product for several weeks.

Special composition for internal use (decrease in cholesterol, diabetes, ulcer): 2 drops twice a day for 15 minutes before meals (with a glass of water).

When skin allergies: apply to the required area in the evening. It is good to combine with Cleansing Tea.

For pets: Using a liquid spray device, apply the product to an open wound to accelerate recovery.


Do not use orally for children under 5 years and women during the first three months of pregnancy because of a substance that affects the accelerated blood clotting.

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