ALMOGAN (step 3) - Oil for the treatment of acne

General description:

A mixture of essential oils of medicinal plants in olive oil, which has a powerful antiseptic effect for rapid healing of purulent wounds, adolescent acne, pimples of premenstrual period. The product is also effective against corns, viral warts, external staphylococcal infection.


it prevents development and spread of bacteria and fungi.

Active ingredients: a mixture of essential oils based on olive oil of oregano varieties, such as oranganum dayi, pine, lemon, cinnamon, myrtle, marjoram.


In case of acne problems: Apply spot on the pimple using a cotton swab or a clean finger. Repeat every 2-3 hours during the day, repeat two to three days until the pimple disappears. The product is especially effective when the pimple is new. It is good to combine with Cleansing herbal collection and mixture for skin disinfection.

When problems of calluses (warts): Apply 4 times a day to the desired point during the first week, when very old calluses it can be combined with oil against fungus on nail (very carefully!).


The product contains a high concentration of essential oil (approximately 50%). Therefore, avoid use for children under 10 years. Do not apply to large areas of skin or sensitive skin: around eyes, on armpits and genitals. Do not use if skin is damaged. Wash hands thoroughly after use and avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact, first wipe with a swab soaked in any liquid edible oil and only then rinse with water.

Note: the product can cause temporary redness (up to 10 minutes) of the treated area. In case of acne on a large area of skin (back, whole face), it is necessary to use anti-inflammatory oil.


For treatment of acne, the product can be combined with Acne oil and Cleansing herbal collection.

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