SAMSONIT (step 3) - Natural shampoo

SAMSONIT (step 3) - Natural shampoo from desert plants for strong and thick hair.


A mixture of herbal extracts based on grape alcohol, used in diseases of scalp: dandruff, fungus, irritation.


- antifungal effect,

- accelerates healing of scalp,

- product is not oily, does not require washing after use.

Active ingredients:

Tincture of geranium, immortelle, thyme, ylang-ylang, myrtle, basil, wintergreen, elecampane, eucalyptus, cloves and rosemary based on water and grape alcohol.


Massage scalp twice a day for one week; once a day for the second week and twice a day for the third week.

Apply after hair washing. It is advisable to reduce hair washing to twice a week during application of the product. When problem of sun fungus on body it is well to combine with oil against the problem of sun fungus and cleansing herbs collection.


Do not use for children under 8 years.

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