Needle MESOTHERAPY 33G(0.20)*4mm

Needles for mesotherapy MESORAM made of Japanese steel with laser sharpening are safe

and easy to handle. Transparent blister packs and a hard protective cap guarantee the sterility

of MESORAM needles and make it easy to determine their size according to the color

code (for aesthetic needles).

Needles for mesotherapy MESORAM are sterilized with ethylenedioxide.


RI.MOS, Italy


Needle MESOTHERAPY 33G(0.20)*4mm

Shelf life

for mesotherapy MESORAM - 5 years. Italian company RI.MOS is a recognized

leader and pioneer in production of consumables for mesotherapy.

They were the first in the world in 1985 to develop and produce disposable

needles for mesotherapy.

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