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Derma Phoenix NEOCRIN


Antioxidant restoration and protection for hair growth zoneIndications for use:- stimulation of hair growth- restoration of the damaged hair structure- increase hair diameter- restoration of healthy hair shineIngredients: Hyaluronic acid,Panthenol - recovery,Sh-polypeptide-1 - stimulates the division and growth of skin cells, initiates the production of young collagen and elastin fibers,Sodium DNA..

Derma Phoenix PERFECT EYES


Antioxidant treatment for the area around the eyesIndications for use:- relieves swelling around the eyes- eliminates bags under the eyes •- smoothes the skin around the eyes- antioxidantComposition:Hyaluronic acid,Methylsilanolmannononat - the results of clinical trials prove that, as a result of its enhanced action on hydration of the skin, it provides elasticity and hydration, helps reduce cell..

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