MAZOR (step 1) - Antifungal ointment


A mixture of essential oils in palm oil, active against fungi, which muiply on wet surfaces of skin (between fingers, in mouth, in vagina, on nipples of breast-feeding mothers, on buttocks of babies, etc.). Ointment is also suitable for use in intimate parts of body. It can be used if problems of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.


destroys a wide range of fungi, stimulates skin regeneration, helps in various cases of eczema.

Active components:

lavender, camphor, several varieties of oregano, eucalyptus, ylang-ylang, thyme, myrtle.


On skin with fungal problems: apply ointment to problem area of skin. If you have problems with the fungus on your feet, apply ointment between your fingers, and put ointment on adjacent fingers. Repeat treatment twice a day for the first week, then once a day for the next two weeks. Break for two weeks. If necessary, repeat the course.

In case of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis:

lubricate necessary area of skin 3 times a day; combine with oil against psoriasis and Cleanser collection in the evenings.


For infants, use in small amounts only once a day, for one week. When redness on baby's skin, it is good to apply ointment for skin restoration.


When fungal diseases on foot, it is recommended to disinfect shoes daily with Disinfectant Spray. When calluses use Oil against acne.


In the process and after treatment of fungal infection, it is very important to disinfect everything that fungus has come into contact with. Disinfection should be exposed to floors, walls, inventory of baths, showers, bathrooms, as well as personal belongings of the patient: underwear, shoes, skin care products and nails.

To avoid infection with fungus it is important to follow some recommendations: to have an inidual towel; to wear inidual home shoes; definitely take a shower after pool; not to wear slippers when visiting friends, not to try shoes on your bare feet in store.

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