MASHAV - Mixture for inhalation in case of nasal congestion


A mixture of aromatic oils in 7% alcohol. Used for respiratory hygiene. It is especially effective during the initial stage of common cold, as well as at the end of the illness to improve breathing, clearing respiratory tract from mucus and sputum. Especially good for children.


- destroys many bacteria,

- clears airways,

- changes static properties of air.

Active ingredients:

pine, eucalyptus, lavender, mint, orange.


There are two different ways of using.

1. During day time: a few drops on a fabric (handkerchief, gauze, bandage for an adu, for a child - on clothes) and breathe the mixture or a few drops into boiling water for inhaling fumes - inhalation.

2. At night: a few drops in humidifier or on pillow.


- do not apply the product to skin,

- do not use for a child under 12 months of age.


In cases of antritis, mixture for inhalation can be used when problems of antritis (for children after 7 years).

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