KALITA - Antibacterial spray


a mixture of plant extracts, sugar, lemon juice and essential oil based on water and grape alcohol. It has a strong antibacterial effect.

It is recommended when angina, especially with constant presence of streptococcal bacteria. Also effective for antibacterial treatment when inflammation of throat, lungs, urinary tract, etc.


- antibacterial, especially against streptococcus A and B,

- for general strengthening of immune system,

- reduces pain in throat.

Active ingredients:

a mixture of eucalyptus, lavender desert in addition to lemon and mint.


• when acute inflammation of throat: 3-5 clicks into throat 5 times a day for a week,

• when chronic inflammation: 2-3 clicks twice a day for 14 days.


For children under 2 years of age use one-third of the above dosage.


When chronic inflammation, it is possible that other family members (especially parents) are carriers of bacteria in a passive form, so in order to prevent the whole family, it is necessary to treat their throats with a small dosage.

It is recommended to use, aernating with the use of herbal collection to strengthen immune system and collection of herbs for cleaning body from poisons and toxins. It is also recommended to apply Emulsion for bath twice a week, as a preventative measure for a month, take a break for two weeks, and then continue for the next month.

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