Intensive Regenerating Cream - INTENSIVE ANTI-AGING CREAM

Capacity - 50 g

Peptide Concentration 550 ppm
Unique highly effective anti-aging cream containing a high concentration of peptides. Peptides reduce and prevent the appearance of wrinkles by actively creating new skin cells, improve tone and give it vitality. β-glucan enhances the natural protective functions of the skin, aimed at protecting against infections, toxins and exposure to sunlight. Moisturizes the skin, holding a large volume of water, activates collagen synthesis and helps smooth wrinkles. Ceramides restore the lipid barrier and activate their own synthesis of skin lipids, protect against dehydration, and improve the protective and barrier functions of the skin. Cream with ceramides is especially recommended for skin restoration after damaging aesthetic procedures (peeling, laser procedures, mesotherapy) including plastic ones.

Wrinkle-Free J316TM, Triple M Complex, copper tripeptide-1, hydrogenated lecithin, shea butter, NP ceramides, beta-glucan, adenosine, Pelargonium oil, Lemon oil, Myrtle extract, Nasturtium.

apply a small amount of cream on the surface of the face and neck. Increase the application of cream on the areas with deep wrinkles. Use in the morning and evening.

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