INTENSE LIGHTENING SERUM WITH VIT. C 1 esence -12 ml, 2 esence -0.6 g

Essence 1: niacinamide, beta-glucan, sodium hyaluronate, sodium lactate, tranexamic acid, tocopheryl acetate, nonapeptide-1, glutathione, potassium glycyrrhizate, myrtle.

Essence 2: L-ascorbic acid

Intensive clarifying serum with vit. C is a powerful antioxidant product, brightens and whitens hyperpigmentation. Restores the optimal level of hydration, tones, stimulates the function of fibroblasts, increasing the production of collagen and elastin. Smoothes facial wrinkles.

Application: combine the two phases of the product by mixing them in a bottle with a pipette. Use 2 weeks.

1. Use in home care as a serum in the morning and evening. Apply a few drops of serum to cleansed skin with your fingertips, massage until absorbed. Finish off with a cream.

2. Suitable for hardware techniques: electroporation, microcurrents, barophoresis, micronidling, LED and others.

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