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MASHAV - Mixture for inhalation in case of nasal c...

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Description: A mixture of aromatic oils in 7% alcohol. Used for respiratory hygiene. It is especially effective during the initial stage of common cold, as well as at the end of the illness to improve breathing, clearing respiratory tract from mucus and sputum. Especially good for children. Properties: - destroys many bacteria,- clears airways,- changes static properties of air. Active ingredi..

TANUKH - Oil when problems of ear inflammation

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General description: oil for treatment and prevention of ear inflammation and ear fungus. A gentle mixture is especially suitable for earaches of children.Properties: - is applied against a wide range of bacteria and fungi,- quickly affects the problem,- has a slight heating effect.Active ingredients: olive oil, essential oils of basil, cloves, garlic, oregano, reichan, tea tree.Usage: one dro..

KALITA - Antibacterial spray

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Description: a mixture of plant extracts, sugar, lemon juice and essential oil based on water and grape alcohol. It has a strong antibacterial effect. It is recommended when angina, especially with constant presence of streptococcal bacteria. Also effective for antibacterial treatment when inflammation of throat, lungs, urinary tract, etc. Properties: - antibacterial, especially against strept..

BARKAN - Anti-inflammatory ointment for joint pain

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Description: A mixture of extracts of essential oils from various plants in palm oil, effective when problems in any joints(arthritis, rheumatoid pain, etc.). Properties: -reduces pain within a few minutes after application, -has an anti - inflammatory effect, -rich in natural hormonal substances that replace cortisone, -does not cause a burning sensation when applied to body, -effective in ..

EVERLASTING - Oil of plant Immortelle

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General description: an oily mixture based on the exceptional properties of Immortelle, restoring blood vessels and tissues. When internal use it helps people against heart disease problems, high blood pressure, high level of cholesterol in blood and to improve liver function. Care for damaged skin: Damaged skin appears after teenage acne, burns, surgeries. Areas of such skin are treated with ..

AFOULIM - Ointment against hemorrhoids

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Description: Ointment is intended for external treatment of hemorrhoids. Also effective when problem of veins on legs. Properties: - strengthens blood vessels,- increases muscle tone,- has an antibacterial property,- accelerates wound healing Active ingredients: immortelle, wormwood, cypress, geranium, olive oil, hypericum, palm oil, coconut, cocoa. Usage: When hemorrhoid problems: a cotton ..

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