GADAL (step 1) – Product against hair loss and to restore hair growth


Restoring lotion containing a unique combination of extracts of medicinal herbs and essential oils, stops and prevents hair loss, increases activity of hair follicle cells, stimulates growth of new hair and makes them stronger and heahy.


- increases local blood supply,

- accelerates ision of cells,

- creates optimal hormonal conditions for restoration of hair follicles,

- product is not oily, does not require hair washing after application.

Active components:

Extracts on a water basis from Anchusa strigosa, rosemary, lavender, immortelle and thyme.


Massage scalp using this product twice a day. Rise of skin temperature is normal. No need to rinse hair during the first hours after treatment. It is advisable to wash hair twice a week using natural shampoo.

For balding men under the age of 40 years, the resus are optimal: for more than 50% of users downiness of hair can appear on bald parts of head after 3-4 weeks of use. The next two weeks of use contribute to appearance of thicker hair. The resus are improved if continuous processing. After stop of treatment, hair can be gradually lost again.;For bald men between the ages of 40 and 65, the resus are somewhat lower than for young men.

When women have problems with hair loss, especially during hormonal changes, the product should stop the process of hair loss within one month from the beginning of use. The product does not cause additional hair growth on other parts of body.


it is desirable to combine treatment of scalp with the use of Cleansing Herbal Collection.


Hair loss often intensifies in the period of spring and autumn. Optimal resus of using the product during this period can be obtained with simuaneous application of Cleansing Collection. If you have problems with scalp (fungus, dandruff), it is good to use the mixture against scalp problems.

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