EVERLASTING - Oil of plant Immortelle

General description:

an oily mixture based on the exceptional properties of Immortelle, restoring blood vessels and tissues. When internal use it helps people against heart disease problems, high blood pressure, high level of cholesterol in blood and to improve liver function.

Care for damaged skin:

Damaged skin appears after teenage acne, burns, surgeries.

Areas of such skin are treated with the help of collagen substance. In such areas there are no pores and hair, the skin looks smooth and shiny, than it differs from the rest of heahy skin. In medicine, silicone and collagen in various ointments are used to treat damaged skin.

Plant Helichrysum italicum - from family of Immortelle (dam Makkabim) - used for the care of damaged, burned, traumatized skin, because this plant helps to treat damaged blood vessels and stop loss of blood.

Gum care:

helps when inflammation of gums, healing of wounds on gums and reduces sensitivity of gums, accelerates restoration of damaged blood vessels, improves tissue regeneration, and has an anti-inflammatory effect.


Massage of gums in morning and evening. During exacerbation, refrain from chemical toothpastes. Most chemical toothpastes contain detergents that irritate gums, leaving small wounds and making gums more susceptible to inflammation. Instead, it is recommended to use Spray for disinfecting the oral cavity. The resu of the procedure can be fe just an hour after the first gum massage. Good resus can be expected at the end of the first week of procedures.

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