BARKAN - Anti-inflammatory ointment for joint pain


A mixture of extracts of essential oils from various plants in palm oil, effective when problems in any joints(arthritis, rheumatoid pain, etc.).


-reduces pain within a few minutes after application,

-has an anti - inflammatory effect,

-rich in natural hormonal substances that replace cortisone,

-does not cause a burning sensation when applied to body,

-effective in cases of severe inflammation.

Active ingredients: palm oil, tansy, oil from fig leaves, lavender, several varieties of oregano, thyme, myrtle, ylang - ylang, wintergreen, immortelle and willow bark.


Rub the ointment in painful points until completely absorbed for about 15 seconds.Repeat the procedure 2 to 5 times a day.

It is good to combine with cleansing collection of herbs.


Do not use during pregnancy or for children under 3 years of age(it is good to use for back pain on birth day).


It can be used in aernation with oil for body when muscle pain.

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