AFOULIM - Ointment against hemorrhoids


Ointment is intended for external treatment of hemorrhoids. Also effective when problem of veins on legs.


- strengthens blood vessels,

- increases muscle tone,

- has an antibacterial property,

- accelerates wound healing

Active ingredients: immortelle, wormwood, cypress, geranium, olive oil, hypericum, palm oil, coconut, cocoa.


When hemorrhoid problems: a cotton swab soaked in ointment should be applied overnight.

When expansion of veins: apply ointment to swollen veins in the evening after applying Oils to improve blood circulation in limbs. You can use a cotton swab when applying ointment to veins.

Circles under eyes: Apply a cotton swab every day for 10 minutes every day for one month. After the procedure, wash your face thoroughly.




In case of hemorrhoids bleeding, we recommend Bessmertnik Oil, and also use non-toilet paper, but special sanitary napkins or wet wipes for children.

Keep in a cool place.

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